In the writing class this semester I have learned a lot about my writing skills good and bad. I have learned that there isn’t a bad way of writing just a unclear of writing. While writing I have learned to become more analytical and my own best critique.When writing this semester I have accomplished the skill of writing eloquent pieces of work. This is conducive in achieving the best style of writing pieces while in and out of school into the real world.

I love that the workshops and deadlines where determined by the teacher. This helped me feel not to stressed and overwhelmed with the course load. I love the way that the class has molded me into not becoming a one track mind yet understanding the theories and notions behind the way you should say something. Additionally, it was very beneficial that the teacher choose to pick books of interest aided me to think about the injustice and society that I live in and what I  can do about it. It has inspired me to promote buying more of African American products and thinking about protesting at certain events.

While constructing this blog it has given me time to think about my duties as a African American citizen in the US. I don’t believe that it would be fair to subject others to my opinion on how to be active without sharing about the way that I am active. The knowledge of the topic of Flint Water crisis is not just a story of Flint but of the African American community struggles. Its more so like a every day shamble of things stacked on top of you. Whether it be your coworker living life while you make ends meat or your family member getting there body slammed against the pavement it makes you feel like crap.  The use of this outlet helps me demonstrate whats going on unlike the opportunity that those of color had before. This also helps the viewers of this page pale to midnight in shades to understand an circumstance of the United States everyday African American.  By sharing the statistics and politics involving the treatment of people of color within the states it just clarifies my views on the generation that I live in.