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Is the Flint water crisis just another passing epidemic or is it a showcase of what is to come of our present day society? The empathy surfaced around this epidemic is widespread because of the travesty of the events. I truly believe this is what the proper definition should be used for the event that is presently going on. One minute it is on the news as a popular phenomenon then the next it is as if it is dead silent or vanished. Currently this case is unresolved and misplaced through the U.S. political and economic system.  The water case is about Flint’s water that has been switched over to a new system without maintenance by the government and the water system causing a disastrous health scare form using the water. The water case can be seen as a piece of the world left to die off by the people inside it.

The start of the crisis is said to start from a switch of water source that had not been properly tested. “Even with a proven track record of providing perfectly good water for Flint, there still remains lingering uncertainty about the quality of the water. In an effort to dispel myths and promote the truth about the Flint River and its viability as a residential water resource, there have been numerous studies and tests conducted on its water by several independent organizations. … Michael Prysby of the Michigan DEQ Office of Drinking Water verified that ‘the quality of the water being put out meets all of our drinking water standards and Flint water is safe to drink.” (NPR) Stated the testers that did the testing but if that were true the rising level of 70% of high pressure would not have occurred in the following months to come. The problem with the testing was that it was not tested to see what effect it would have on the piping system. The health effects it has on the people from not doing the testing are hearing defects, behavioral issues, impaired cognition and delayed puberty.


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The most saturated news channels brings only one part of the story and that is the headline. After the headline, it becomes only a re-tweet of some sort and begs for the more political figures to make sure it stays on the radar. The popular approach of the national attention has now gone to a sunken place now that the baton has been handed over to the celebrities of the current day. The popular activists such as Colin Kaepernick and Sean “Diddy” Combs have donated lots of water as their contribution. The only difference between the two sources is that the two are in different realms. They both help the people of Flint yet Mr. Kaepernick is the only one to acknowledge the unresolved disaster. There should be an uproar about the issue of not following up but no one will even think to do so.   No one covers this story so that it gets national news everyday as it unravels because of the scare of backlash from society. I wonder if the only reason why they let the pipes stay contaminated is only that it is an area majority made of African Americans. It is not in a high demand anymore now that someone can send over cases of bottle waters to brush off the issue. This does not help the issue yet prolongs it to show the harmful affects of what society thinks as value in helping solve the issue at hand. It affects the history of our nation in that these types of issues only happen when it is in a community that has no voice and is oppressed by the circumstances.

The unnatural disaster such as this one happens in small sectors so that the officials just slip under the cracks of their mistakes but on the contrary, people love to ask, “Who is to blame?”  Well in one instance such as looking at who is in charge legally, the potato is tossed each time it gets hot. Let us take a look at the primary source that people are pointing the finger at the most. Governor Rick Snyder has certainly done a job on this case being that he was in charge of the city during this monstrosity. Gov. Snyder was in fact seen over Department of Environment and Health/ Human Services. Having a lucrative position to affect the main switch of water and protect the water, he chooses not to. He appointed the positions of signature to two emergency managers instead which makes him invincible in legal battles. The legal system that may look over the point that Gov. Snyder was in charge of directing the actions of the people signing away. He even only declared himself acknowledgeable of the water contamination in year of 2016 when the complaints started in 2014 where the people were complaining about the smelt and tasted far ahead his stance.

The prevention of this crisis is not even relieved of its issue until year 2020 where the federal and national government will replace all restructures that have been damaged. The city has gone through this issue for a decade and more until the government will actually step in to replace the pipes. It all started in 2007 when the people in the city were worried about the spillage that has happened before with the source that the city was planning to switch to knowing so they made an effort to use the iffy source. In 2014, is when the heavy testing began where e-coli was found in the water that causes the diseases to affect the vital organs which was the first warning signal to the citizens. Even when the MDEQ talks to Snyder about the water system, he does nothing but accept that the pipes had started to corrode to induce the health hazards. On top of the concerns of the people, the GM company stops using the Flint Water breaking the ice of warning alerts letting the world know it is a real burden. Beginning another year with the news of epidemic city finally, alarms the citizens of the water problem, discolored water and TTHM starts building up in turn total decreasing the health to sickening results. Although, EPA makes an appearance about one person’s case overall the case is dismissed to a further date. With all odds against him, Gov. Snyder declares state emergency and allows other to intervene and the community in the next year receives 9 million from the federal judge that will clear the infrastructure issues but does not help the people in the end.

Additionally, when inspecting the other political people analyzing his actions what did prospective did the others say. The prime candidates that are Democrats state that his decisions were irrational. Rep. Clinton stated that we are facing challenges were as Rep. Sanders went in directly into saying that the people in Flint deserve more than an apology. Even with the protection, wanting to state that they are sorry about the prolonging issues it does nothing. Truly, these people would not have an idea of what it means to be in this circumstance that I comprehend yet they could think of it as in what if that was there family member going without.  In essence, the people cannot simply move out of city because of the issue but they have to withstand it until changes come through slow persecutions of those in charge. With poverty rate over 40% the average person could not afford to get a lawyer to fight the system. Additionally, the people of this town cannot afford pick up and relocate in a whim when in reality they should not even be in this predicament.

The people have spoken of a strong change through the election of the former President Barack Obama. When his visit to Flint through the press was publicized, he promised that things were just fine. “You should be angry,” he told parents crammed into a high school gym in Flint. “But channel that anger. You should be hurt, but do not sink into despair. In addition, most of all, do not somehow communicate to our children here in this city that they are going to be saddled with problems for the rest of their lives, because they will not. They’ll do just fine (CNN).”  In fact, he even took a sip through the toxic water after being filtered. The former president showing that the issue has been covered is what they need at the right moment. The filters do not clarify the toxins for every faucet in the city and in many cases do not make the levels vary that much to make it safe for everyday & time use for the people. The present president Donald Trump has not touched the topic in his campaign. Of course, he has announced that he wants to “Make America Great Again” by just sending over money just like the former before so, how will we ever be great? With the attitude that the masses handling the case simply are incompetent who is he to judge with the actions of bombing another country for the countries greed.

To view Obama taking a sip: 2016.http://www.cnn.com/2016/05/04/politics/obama-flint-michigan-visit/